Monday, October 27, 2008

The "Tenured Radical" takes her ball and goes home.

In the spirit of bipartisan discussion I have been posting comments over at the "left-wing professor" blog, otherwise known as the Tenured Radical, Professor Claire B. Potter of the Wesleyan University history department. Today however she announced that she is going to delete all my future comments because they "incite her to argue." That is really too bad, but it is reflective of what goes on in academia all the time. Academics spend their careers surrounded almost entirely by those with left-wing viewpoints, they are not challenged to debate them or explain them. When faced with someone intelligent holding a different worldview, they often buckle under the pressure. I encourage anyone to visit her blog and read some of the discussion in the comments section and decide for yourself if TR was justified in this decision, that is unless she purges all my previous comments from her blog!

I will close with a quote from Professor Potter on her blog, after announcing she will delete my comments:

"I got some scholarship to accomplish." Claire B. Potter, 10/27/2008, 10:24 a.m.


dave said...

You'll note that I hinted at stuff like this on the "My thoughts on debate 2" post that you had awhile back... I've been dealing with similar minded people on who's philosophy is inconsistent or who are simply uneducated about the issues.

Ralph Luker said...

Dave, Learn the proper uses of "whose" and "who's".
Right Wing Prof is, of course, demagoguing about "redistributism". Such radical programs as school lunch and child welfare, social security, etc are redistributist in effect.

right-wing prof said...

Could you define "demagoguing" as you see it and explain where I am doing it?

Anonymous said...

Are you opposed to *all* government programs that are redistributist in effect? If not, why do you think the heavily edited, fear-mongering You Tube is so telling? You ought to check with the law profs at The Volokh Conspiracy who have read the whole transcript of that interview with Obama. They don't find anything damaging to Obama in it. They are conservatives who are *not* demagogues.

right-wing prof said...

I don't see any reference to any You-Tube videos at this blog, and certainly no comment about one being "telling." Please read my post below about redistributionist. I am opposed to government programs that confiscate money from one hard-working American and pass it on in the form of a check to someone else. As I describe below, ALL government spending can be described as "redistribution" in the sense that most American's don't pay anywhere near their actual "fair share" in taxes. And no I am not opposed to all government spending.

I'm still waiting for someone to take up my challenge and tell me an actual tax RATE that Obama is going to cut. You wont' find any.

dave said...

Oh... A colleague of Claire's. Unsatisfied with censoring RWP, (perfectly acceptable on a blog, but it does not reflect well upon the owner - it only shows her inability to argue)...Now she's unleashed her attack dogs on those who comment on RWP's site too! Bring it on!

If, as you say, RWP is demogoguing, then your own master, Tenured Radical, is demogoguing as well. Yes, I've read through enough of her website to know as much. Heaven forbid that Tenured Radical actually argue her points. You knock my grammar, but you don't bother read what I actually wrote in the other comments section? Take your bile elsewhere Luker.

Ralph Luker said...

Dave, I'm shocked by your hostility. RWP made such a big deal about being so welcoming!

Dave said...

The hostility you feel is only because you're arguing about grammar and feelings instead of actual points. Feel free to discuss actual points, otherwise you are simply without substance. At least I know that regardless of my position, I won't be censored by RWP. That, I am sure, is what he means by welcoming. He has dissenters, to be sure. However, he lets them speak and will engage them seemingly endlessly. Many of the liberal blogs simply ban or just delete dissenting posts. Either they are too lazy to argue or they simply can't think through the conservative arguments to make their original arguments appear sound. So far, your comments on this thread only bear out my reasoning. Your posts have no actual substance to them. If what you really want is to continue to post meaningless drivel about grammar and feelings, then please, feel free. You're only making yourself look bad.

Anonymous said...

A google search of

"Claire B. Potter"

brings this blog up top of page 2!!